Olive Our Best    A Premier Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Emporium. 

About how Olive Our Bestcame to be

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                                                                                                 My husband Chris and I opened Olive Our Best                                                                                                      in April of 2014.  We first were introduced to the                                                                                                  concept of tasting flavored olive oils while on                                                                                                        vacation out West the previous spring.  Having                                                                                                      run out of our product a little later in the year,                                                                                                    we searched for a similar type store, but could                                                                                                      not find one in our area.  As a former aerobic                                                                                                         instructor and one who has always been                                                                                                                 interested in health and fitness, I was quite  impressed by the health factor of using extremely fresh olive oils and balsamic vinegars, as well as  excited by the idea of being able to flavor foods simply in a healthy, preservative free manner without a  lot of prep time.  I like to call it the "Chef in a bottle" concept.  The concept is one that is able to touch,  and benefit, all groups and ages.  One does not have to be a chef, or spend all day in the kitchen, in order  to use our products.  Most folks do not have the time to spend all day preparing a meal.  The idea is that  someone can purchase items at the grocery store as simple as a piece of chicken, fish, or meat, or  vegetables or pasta, and then create a healthy, flavorful meal at home by using our oils and balsamic  vinegars.  The meal can taste like an expensive restaurant meal, but it is actually a low cost meal that  someone was able to create at home in a short amount of time.  Additionally, our products are so healthy,  that we have many people stop in who are watching their diet due to a weight loss program, cholesterol  lowering needs, or diabetes, and they are looking for ways to achieve a healthier diet.  They are  pleasantly surprised at all of the options in our store.                                                                                                                 At Olive Our Best we advocate the ability to purchase fresh, healthy oils and balsamic  vinegars in a fun and informative atmosphere.  We want people to be able to come in and have fun  tasting extra virgin olive oils from around the world, flavored olive oils, specialty oils, and balsamic  vinegars.  We also want them to feel like they are a little more educated about oils and balsamic vinegars,  and how they promote a healthier diet, when they leave.  By providing people with the opportunity to  taste our products and inform them of the health benefits, we have also created an atmosphere of trust  in which some customers now stop back in and purchase a product based just on our recommendation. They sometimes no longer even feel the need to taste-test a product because they have been so pleased with some of our other products and the services they have previously received.                                                          We love it that our customers seem to have so much fun.  We enjoy speaking with them about our new products, and just getting to know them.  We feel like we have made so many new friends since we opened.  It is fun to hear about some of the dishes that they have prepared, or just  what they or some of their family members are involved in.  We believe the best compliment that the  experience at our store has received thus far, was when a group of ladies were in among the other shoppers and one of them stated that she "had had so much fun at the store that day, that she believed she could have had fun at the store with someone she did not even like!"  That says a lot about our products, the store atmosphere, and the shopping experience that we are proud to provide.  Each  customer leaves the store a little more educated about oils and balsamic vinegars, and they know that when they get home, they are going to be very happy with their selections because there are no surprises!  They already tasted their selections before they purchased them!  How many places do you get the opportunity to test something before you buy it?  We all have read a profile of a product, purchased it based on that description, and then found that we were disappointed when we got it home.  That is one thing that our customers should never have to worry about when shopping at our store.                            

Chris, Jacob and I look forward to providing you with a unique shopping experience in which you will have the opportunity to taste extra virgin olive oils from around the world, flavored olive oils, specialty oils, and balsamic vinegars, within a Mediterranean atmosphere.  We look forward to meeting you.                                                                                                                                                                      Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Stephanie Woods