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  Quick "Chef-In-A-Bottle" Tips & Ideas


Drizzle Tuscan Herb Olive Oil over vegetables spread on a cookie sheet (ie broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, squash, zucchini, tomato slices, grape or cherry tomatoes...) and roast at 425 degrees  for 25-30 min (frozen) or 15-20 min (fresh), until desired "charred-ness"'.


Drizzle Tuscan Herb, Rosemary, or our Butter flavored olive oil on your favorite potatoes. Cut into cubes and swirled in the oil on the sheet, or merely slice 90% of the way through the potato and drizzle the oil into the crevice - cut  more slices, or an "X" if you want to use more oil).  Add salt and/or pepper if desired.

PASTA:  Drizzle Tuscan Herb, Mushroom & Sage, Milanese Gremolata or any desired oil over pasta instead of a sauce.  Add cheese if desired.

SCRAMBLED EGGS:  Line the skillet with any EVOO or flavored oil for a more subtle taste, or drizzle over finished eggs for a more pronounced flavor.  For those wanting to give their scrambled eggs a tropical flavor, trying drizzling some Persian Lime olive oil in or as a finish.

CROCK POT CHICKEN:  Simply pour Tuscan Herb Olive Oil (or any other desired oil) over the chicken, add additional vegetables if desired (ie carrots, potatoes.....) and cook in the crock pot  (A little chicken broth wouldn't hurt either....).  The flavor can be changed by adding a complementary balsamic vinegar as well.

BLOOD ORANGE CHOCOLATE BROWNIES:  Simply substitute our Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil for the oil requirement in any chocolate brownie mix.   The resulting wonderful marriage of orange and chocolate leaves others wondering "what is in those delicious brownies?!"  (also works for pound cake, cookies......) 

MEAT or VEGETABLE "FINISH":  Drizzle any oil or balsamic vinegar over any cooked meat or vegetable for added flavor.

FISH and MEAT MARINADES:Pour desired oil and/or vinegar (consult our "Oil & Vinegar Pairings" for combination ideas) over any meat or fish before cooking.  Apply to fish 20-30 minutes beforehand (then turn skin side up so fish can better absorb the marinade in the container) and simply flip back over when time to bake or grill.  Chicken needs a few hours to better absorb the marinade, so be sure to store in refrigerator and then just bring to room temperature prior to grilling or baking. Steaks, burgers and pork chops also need a minimum of 20-30 minutes to marinate, preferably coating both sides.  

                   A FEW QUICK FAVORITES:

-Tuscan Herb Olive Oil + Peach White Balsamic :  Shrimp, Tilapia (or any fish), Chicken.      

-Tuscan Herb Olive Oil +Fig Dark Balsamic:  Steaks, Burgers, Turkey or Bison Burgers, Chicken.

-Coconut White Balsamic + any EVOO or Persian Lime Olive Oil:  Shrimp or Chicken.

-Persian Lime Olive Oil + Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic:  Shrimp, Tilapia, Flounder, Cod, or Chicken

-Persian Lime Olive Oil:  Salmon

-Wild Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil:  Chicken, Pork, Beef 

-Garlic Olive Oil + Butter Olive Oil + Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic:  Fish or Chicken

-Garlic Olive Oil + Butter Olive Oil:  Anything you would dip, bake, grill or saute in garlic butter

-Blood Orange Olive Oil+Honey Ginger White Balsamic Salmon, Chicken or Fish 

-Walnut Oil +Strawberry Dark Balsamic:  Chicken or Fish.  A very Gourmet taste for a Salad

-Mango White Balsamic + either Blood Orange, Persian Lime or Eureka Lemon Olive Oils:  Fish or Chicken

-Milanese Gremolata +Sicilian Lemon or Pomegranate-Quince White Balsamic:  Fish or Chicken

-Chipotle Olive Oil +Peach or Mango White Balsamic:  Creates a Sweet & Spicy flavor that is excellent on Shrimp, Fish or Chicken

-Blood Orange Olive Oil +Dark Chocolate Dark Balsamic:  Chicken or Fish 

-Rosemary Olive Oil:  Chicken, Pork, Lamb

-Maple Dark Balsamic: Pork Chops, Chicken  (even on, or in, pancakes or waffles!)

ANY BALSAMIC VINEGARcan be used to sweeten without adding a lot of calories (only 10 calories per TBS, except the Maple which has 39).

       Quick ideas include:

        * Flavoring "Plain" Yogurt (Greek or regular).  The "plain" usually has about 4 to 6g of sugar, vs the pre-flavored varieties that have 15-20g of a refined sugar or corn syrup, and probably some dyes and other additives you don't want.  So, instead, you can use 1 -2 tsp of balsamic to very healthily add sweetness for 3-6 calories and 1-2 g of a very natural, sweetness with no dyes, preservatives, or generally bad stuff...AND, you get all of the health benefits of vinegar at the same time (like lowering the glycemic index of foods consumed with it, keeping carbs from converting to fat, etc.).

          *  Flavor your water!  Simply drizzle into the bottle and shake, or stir into a glass, and you have a water healthily sweetened with very few calories and no "bad" additives.  (If you are drinking the water with foods, you'd benefit from the glycemic index lowering properties and other health benefits as well).

         *  Drizzle over ice cream, fruit or any other desert(once again, thus accompanying with  all of the wonderful health benefits of the balsamic vinegar).        

       * Drizzle over foods for additional flavor (ie. salads, meats, vegetables, potatoes, rice, oatmeal, grits, cous cous, buckwheat, quinoa...)