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Our extremely fresh green olives are cold pressed at a minimum of 20 degrees BELOW the industry standard of 90 degrees.  This makes the milling process even gentler on the olive, once again maximizing the fresh taste and health benefits of the oil. It is      more difficult to crush the olives at these lower temperatures,     and less volume is produced, but the end result is a much higher quality oil.  Our supplier has elevated standards and       specifications in place that they term "Ultra Premium", to ensure that the products they supply are absolutely the best in the world.  

How Does Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil stand up to Independent Testing????.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the freshest, highest quality olives, grown without the use of pesticides, and tested by an independent Australian lab using state of the art chemical and sensory analysis, in order for us to provide you with Certified 100% pure,  extra virgin olive oil with the highest level of health benefits.  On every one of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil tanks you will find a tag which states the country of origin, the crush date, and  published test data which let you know the polyphenols, oleic acid, free fatty acid and peroxide levels at the actual time of crush.

The olives for our extra virgin olive oils are picked while they are green and then cold pressed within hours of the harvest. To maximize volume, many extra virgin olive oil suppliers wait until the olives are black to harvest because the olives fall off of the tree much easier and produce more juice.  However, the olive has over ripened at this point and thus compromised a majority of it's health benefits.  

Our extra virgin olive oils are made from some of the best olives grown in the world.  These fresh olives are grown in Northern Hemisphere countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United States, and Southern Hemisphere countries like Australia, Chile, and Peru.  Harvesting from both Hemispheres allows us the ability to provide our customers with the freshest olive oils regardless of what time of the year it is.  

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                                                                  Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the freshest, highest                                                                                      quality olives from around the world.   There are many factors                                                                                  which influence the quality and taste of extra virgin olive oil.                                                                                    Geographic location, olive type, climate, harvest point, and the                                                                                  production process are all factors which influence quality and                                                                                  healthiness of extra virgin olive oil.  

Is Your Extra Virgin Olive Oil Really Extra Virgin?

The University of California, Davis, Olive Oil Chemistry Laboratory in collaboration with the Australian Oils Research Laboratory stated that approximately 70% of the imported olive oil samples that are labeled as Extra Virgin are not really Extra Virgin at all.   The report shows that these oils failed to meet IOC/USDA standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and some by a staggering margin.