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 Hojiblanca  (Robust)

 Extremely fruity with sweet notes of stone fruit, green strawberry and green artichoke.  This early harvest fruit-forward Hojiblanca has lingering pungency.

​ Polyphenols: 499 Country of Origin:  Spain      .

Extra Virgin Olive Oils can be divided into three (3) main overall taste groupings of Mild, Medium, and Robust.  When evaluated by "certified tasters" they are also  awarded scores in 3 additional categories:  "Fruitiness, Bitterness and Pungency".   Additionally, laboratory tests are  performed to determine if an oil meets specification standards (our oils are required by our importer to meet "Ultra Premium Standards", which are much higher and more discriminating than the International Olive Oil Council [IOOC] standards typically used worldwide.  Our EVOOs are evaluated by the global leader in testing, which is located in Australia, and these scores, as well as the olive type, crush date, country of origin and taste panel scores are all noted on tags when visiting our store.  The Mild-Medium-Robust groupings can be generalized as based upon intensity of flavor and the overall polyphenol (antioxidant) content.   Typically as the polyphenol count rises the oil is considered to be more robust in taste because these healthy antioxidants exhibit themselves as a "peppery tickle" on the back of the throat when swallowed.  The oils rated "mild" will have the least amount of pepper.  As previously alluded to, the overall taste is also greatly influenced by such factors as the type of olive (cultivar), the soil, climate, growing conditions, harvest timing, crushing timing, procedures during the crushing, etc.  These factors also influence the lab specifications of note such as oleic acid, peroxide value and fruit fatty acid content, as well as scores on the DAG and PPP tests, which are used to determine oil quality.   At Olive Our Best, you will find rotating award winning oils from Northern Hemisphere countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, and Southern Hemisphere countries such as Chile, Australia, South Africa and Peru.



Coratina  (Robust)

Melgarejo Picual  (Robust)

Galega  (Medium)

 Coratina  (Robust)

Organic Picual  (Robust)

Coratina  (Robust)


 Produced in late April, this highly awarded Organic Picual has won Best in Class and Gold  medals in International and Domestic Olive Oil Competitions.  Flavor is complex yet balanced  with notes of tomato leaf, berry, and sweet aromatic spice

 ​Polyphenols: 310      Country of Origin:  Peru

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Olive Our Best offers some of the finest, freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the World.  Much like the taste of wine, each EVOO has a very unique taste, dependent upon factors such as growing climate and location, soil conditions, olive type (cultivar) and timing of harvest.  Our EVOOs are sourced from both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres so that olives can be crushed every 6 months rather than just once a year, resulting in consistently ultra fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oils, all Non-GMO certified and grown pesticide free and brimming with healthy nutrition and premium taste.  

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils come           in the following sizes:                                  60ml                                              200ml                                               375ml                                             750ml

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Extra Virgin Olive Oils currently available at Olive Our Best

 Originating only very recently in Spain in 1991, this new cultivar is a cross between the iconic Spanish Picual and Arbequina varieties.  Our example is sweet and delicate and hails from Portugal. Displays pleasant notes of green almond and olive.  Very Rare Oil! 

 ​Polyphenols: 179 Country of Origin:  Portugal

 Our highly decorated Coratina takes high points in fruitiness.  Lingering pepper on the finish, along with floral and green herbaceous notes of green banana and green apple peel speak to the complexity in this antioxidant laden, spicy evoo.

​ Polyphenols: 480    Country of Origin:  Chile       .

 Extremely creamy and viscous, this Coratina touts incredible quality composition, and boasts big pepper and notes of nutmeg and green apple.  A durable and healthy choice with a high smoke point due to its low free fatty acid.

​ Polyphenols: 336  Country of Origin:  Chile

 Visually stuning, this early harvest emerald green Picual contains ample pepper & desirable  pungency but little bitterness.  Vegetal middle notes of artichoke, herbaceous green apple,  and cut grass give way to a lingering spicy finish.

​ Polyphenols: 396  Country of Origin: Spain  

 Crafted by Boundary Bend/Cobram Estate, this highly awarded Coratina has won Best in Class and Gold Medal in International & Domestic Olive Oil Competitions.  This incredible Coratina displays notes of green apple peel and grass, with a herbaceous and peppery finish.

 ​Polyphenols: 266  Country of Origin:  Australia

 The dominant variety in Portugal, this early harvest example is perfectly balanced with equal parts of pungency and bitterness.  Delicate, creamy and viscous with pleasant confectionary flavors, berry notes, and creamy almond

​ Polyphenols: 263   Country of Origin:  Portugal